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Church of Ireland Policy:

It is the policy of the Church of Ireland to safeguard all children sharing in its ministry and to protect them from all forms of harm and abuse.

The full Church of Ireland Child Safeguarding Policy is available here.


Select Vestry Statement

This Statement has been agreed by the Select Vestry:


The Parish is committed to the welfare, nurturing and safekeeping of children.
This Parish is therefore committed to supporting and resourcing those who work with children.
No one will be expected to work with children unsupported.
The Parish will use ‘Safeguarding Trust-The Church of Ireland Code of Good Practice’ to develop safe, wise and quality work with children.



The Parish will ensure that those who work with children, and those in whom children place their trust, know how to handle a situation where a young child or young person is considered to be at risk through abuse or neglect. Children are part of the church today, have much to give as well as receive, and will be listened to. In worship, learning, teaching and evangelism, we will respect the wishes and feelings of children. The Parish is committed to providing a safe, warm and friendly environment for all.

The Incumbent, Select Vestry and parish leaders are committed to uphold good practice in the parish ‘s ministry with children and young people. Should you have a concern or suspicion regarding child welfare in the parish please contact a member of your Parish Panel.

Summary of referral procedure (N.I.)

Allegation/suspicion/concern noted.

  1. Report immediately to a Parish Panel Member concerned with child protection.

    • Rev J. Mould - 07896 839488

    • Mrs S. Aitcheson, Templepatrick. 028 9443 3674

    • Mr M. Cooke, Dunadry. 028 94433183

    • Mrs L  Lecky 077935 946007 

  2. The Panel member consults with the Incumbent if possible and, either the Incumbent or the Panel member reports to the local Gateway Team.

    • Gateway Service Tel: 0300 1234 333

    • Antrim Sector Tel: 028 9334 0165

  3. The Incumbent/Panel Member will then follow the advice given by agency above.


Remember the important safeguard, that the task of deciding whether or not abuse has occurred rests with the professional agencies. The existence of the method of referral adopted by the Church of Ireland does not preclude the individual worker making direct contact with the agency above if he/she so chooses.

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