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Rev Jeremy Mould

10a Ballyclough Road, Lisburn BT28 3UY

m: 07896 839488

h: 028 9264 7912 

Weekly sabbath is taken on Fridays. Please contact Rev Peter McCausland in an emergency.

Ordained Local Minister

Rev Peter McCausland

m: 07751 275249

h: 028 9443 2923

Who should I contact?

Please contact the Rector for pastoral matters, baptisms, weddings, funerals and Graveyard searches.
Contact relevant members of the Select Vestry below;

the Glebe Wardens for matters pertaining to the buildings and land
and the other office bearers to deal with the relevant area of responsibility.

Office Bearers

Select Vestry

St Patrick's Church Wardens

Stephen McCollam 

9443 2506 

Sandra Aitcheson



St John's Church Wardens

Luella Lecky

9443 3266

Glebe Warden

Chris Lundy
9443 3720 

Hon Treasurer

Michael Cooke

9443 3183

Hon Secretary

Luella Lecky
9443 3266 

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