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Members of Select Vestry Elected at the Easter General Vestry Meeting 27.09.20

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

St Patrick’s

Rector’s Church Warden Stephen McCollam

People’s Church Warden Harry Cinnamon

St John’s

Rector’s Church Warden Thelma McCausland

People’s Church Warden Michael Cooke

Rector’s Glebe warden Karl Egli

People’s Glebe warden Chris Lundy

Hon Treasurer Andrew Kane

Hon Secretary Lauren Glass

Ex-Officio Select Vestry Members

  1. Mandy Brobyn

  2. Anne Cinnamon

  3. Paddy Glass

  4. Ann Kerr

  5. Luella Lecky

  6. Denise Martin

  7. David Mawhinney

Results of Triennial Elections

2 Diocesan Synod Members Denise Martin Ann Kerr

1 supplemental Diocesan Synod Member Alan Walbridge

4 Parochial Nominators Stephen McCollam Chris Lundy Mandy Brobyn Lauren Glass

4 Supplemental Nominators John Sheldon Michael Cooke Carole Williamson Heather Boyd

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